The armed forces want individuals who are scholar-athlete-leaders (SAL) to serve as officers. They want students who excel at academics, are athletic and who have served as a student or community leader.


SAL students show the mental and physical toughness and discipline that is required for leadership on the battlefield and in the coporate boardroom.

Those of you who seemingly excel in everything might not have considered a life in the military. You may have your eye on climbing the ladder in the business world, a career in professional sports or a life in elected office.

The Army believes ROTC is, in their words, “the perfect stepping stone” to a successful career in the real world. ROTC is “the best leadership course in America,” giving students hands on experience in leadership qualities that are needed in most careers. After graduation, students in the program are commissioned officers. They put their leadership skills to the test every day, and when they leave the field of battle, they are prepared for any career in the business world.

Whether you are a student seeking or applying for a scholarship or not, if you are a SAL student then the armed forces want you! So, if you’ve got good grades, are active and fit, or even got government goals, you may want to look into the Army ROTC 49er Battalion and becoming an officer in the U.S. Army. There are two distinct SAL criteria:
1. High School Students – Typically those high school juniors and seniors applying for the 4-year Scholarship.
2. On-Campus Students – Students already in college.