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CC Form 104-R – Planned Academic Program Worksheet (dated SEP 2013) CC Form 104-R is a Cadet’s Academic Plan to graduate. Cadet Command Form 104R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet) must be fully typed, signed by Academic Advisor, signed by the Cadet and turned-in to your primary Military Science instructor. It is a requirement for any Cadet that enrolls in the program to complete each semester and is also a graded assignment. Failure to turn this document in on time will result in a subtraction of 10 points off your overall course grade. This becomes a “signed contract” between the University and the Cadet, that will ensure the plan they have submitted – and has been approved by the University – will allow the Cadet to Graduate on time and with their designated 4-year degree. This is not an actual binding contract for military service. The 104R is only for graduation/commission purposes in the specified degree program.

A Cadet Actions must be initiated in order to change your degree/major on your 104R and permission/approval must be obtained from the Professor of Military Science for all contracted cadets.

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