How to Join the 49er Battalion

How to Join the 49er Battalion:

Qualifications for the Basic Course (MSCI 1101, 1101L, 1102, 1102L, 2101, 2101L, 2102, 2102L)

  1. Be a full time student at UNC Charlotte or any of our partnership/affiliate schools.
  2. Not be a Conscientious Objector.
  3. Be of Good Moral Character.
  4. Not have any Tattoos specifically prohibited by Army policy.
  5. Be a U.S. Citizen Only (cannot be dual citizen).
  6. Be in good physical condition.
  7. Be an active participant in class, labs and physical fitness training.

Qualifications for the Advanced Course (MSCI 3101, 3101L, 3102, 3102L, 4101, 4101L, 4102, 4102L)

  1. Meet all of the previous requirements to enter the Basic Course.
  2. Be a fulltime student at UNC Charlotte at a 4-year institution of any of our partnership/affiliate schools .
  3. Not have any civil convictions, adverse adjudications, or court marshal convictions other than minor traffic violations less than $250.00.
  4. Not be a single parent with more than 3 dependents.
  5. Never have used drugs; or be a self admitted limited/experimental user of drugs who has not used within 6 months of contracting.
  6. Sign a loyalty oath.
  7. If prior service, have an honorable discharge from the Armed Services with a qualifying RE code of 1 on DD Form 214.
  8. Meet one of the following criteria: have credit for each MSCI 1101/1101L/1102/1102L/2101/2101L/2102/2102L, or a combination of minimum of 2-years of high school JROTC and 2101/2102 series, complete Cadet Command’s Leadership Training Course, or complete Basic Training in one of the Armed Forces.
  9. Have a minimum college GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (however we prefer a 3.0 or higher GPA).
  10. Score a minimum of 180 points with 60 points in each event on a single Army Physical Fitness Test (we prefer consistant performance of 240+).
  11. Successfully pass a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DODMERB) physical. The most common non-waiver disqualifiers during this physical are: documented asthma after the age of 13; ADD/ADHD, depression treatment, or academic skills disorders within the past 12 months; ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, scoliosis-curvature of the spine in excess of 30 degrees, or prior service with a permanent profile.
  12. Be younger than the age of 31 at time of commissioning …. ……
  13. Be able to graduate in a timely manner and according to your signed CC Form 104R.
  14. Meet and exceed all requirements for contracting.