Prepare for Success

If you take this college course and join our team, you can have:

  • Full tuition/books and Room/board paid (on or off campus)
  • $700 a month cash on average AND $10,000 bonus after college
  • Live and work wherever you want after college and build a resume now – your resume will stand out!
  • Guaranteed interview with fortune 500 company THROUGH ROTC!!!
  • Learn leadership from ROTC which will help you the rest of your life and receive a minor as well in leadership
  • Serve your community and state in the National Guard after college as an officer
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds and have all the benefits that active duty military personnel enjoy

There is a way to try the ROTC class before you commit to the full scholarship (2.0 GPA for all benefits and 2.5 GPA required for room and board option). ROTC is 35% female, all different majors, comprised of scholars/leaders/athletes/…, is a lot of fun, has numerous clubs to join within it, gives you a minor for your degree, provides you with 20 career fields to choose from, you will have new friends… and so much more!