Green-to-Gold (G2G)

The Green to Gold program seeks talented young active duty enlisted soldiers with officer potential to voluntarily request discharge from active duty (program dependent- see options below) and enroll in ARMY ROTC to earn a baccalaureate or master’s degree and receive a commission as a second lieutenant.

IMPORTANT:  Soldiers must coordinate with their Green-to-Gold Post Liaison in order to complete their Green-to-Gold application/packet.  Soldiers must also contact and coordinate with university/college Admissions Departments and Registrars.  An acceptance letter must be obtained from the university/college.  Everything is on the Soldier.  The ROTC Battalion only provides a PMS acceptance memo for submission with their packet.  In order to gain an acceptance memo from the 49er Battalion PMS, the Soldier must send an initial, unencrypted email to the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at to establish communication, just letting him know who you are and what action you are pursing.  Once the ROO acknowleges the initial email, the Soldier will then submit an encrypted email with a scanned copy of the following to:
1. Copy of Commander's Letter of Recommendation (CC Form 174)
2. ERB (Enlisted Record Brief)
3. Most recent APFT Card
4. Any and all college transcripts (may be unofficial)
5. Draft copy of Cadet Command Form 104R, filled out through projected graduation date
Green to Gold Scholarship & ADO Application Opens:     JUNE 2022
Green to Gold Hip Pocket Application Window Opens:     JUNE 2022
Green to Gold Scholarship & ADO Application Closes:    NOVEMBER 2022
Green to Gold Selection Board:                                        DECEMBER 2022
Green to Gold Hip Pocket Application Closes:                  APRIL 2023
Getting your University's Acceptance letter can sometimes be rather difficult.  Please get in contact with the University Admissions Office early and let them know of any upcoming deadlines that you are current working towards.
If it is not possible to retrieve or receive your acceptance letter in time to submit your packet before your deadlines, it is recommended that you contact the G2G rep at Cadet Command at 502-624-6937 and let them know the letter will be late; they may be able to work with you if that is the only thing missing in your packet.

Basic Eligibility

  • Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Age: You must be commissioned before you are 31 years of age (waiver possible up to 39 years)
  • Time-in-service: At least 2 years, no more than 10 (waivers possible), Active duty program (less than eight years active-waiver possible)
  • Must be eligible to reenlist (no flags)
  • GT Score:  110 or higher
  • SAT: 1000  or  ACT:  19   (only four-year applicants)
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher  (2.0 or higher for non-scholarship applicants)
  • No civil convictions (waivers possible)
  • Strong, positive recommendation from Chain of Command
  • Pass commissioning physical (no permanent profiles)
  • No more than three dependents (waivers possible)
  • Single parents and dual military require waivers
  • Pass APFT


  • Scholarship: 2, 3, or 4-year scholarships available
  • Non-scholarship: 2 year only   **Note: non-scholarship can join Guard or Reserves under Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
  • Active Duty Program: Remain on active duty (two year option only)

Note: Can attend any school that has an ARMY ROTC program


ROTC Scholarship pays for tuition (up to full tuition and fees), provides for books and supplies (up to $1,200/year) and $300-500/month tax-free stipend while in school.  GI Bill and/or College Fund can be used if eligible (at least 30 months served on active duty for 3 year or more enlistment).  Some schools offer other incentives such as room and board endowment scholarships.


After commissioning as a 2LT, you must serve 8 years in the military with a minimum of 3 years AD; the rest may be served in the NG or USAR. 


Cadet Command Representative: 502-624-6937
Fort Bragg Green to Gold Office, Smoke Bomb Hill Learning Center, BLDG H6338, Kendenburg St. (*Briefings Tues & Thurs @ 0900 hrs)